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District ACSIP

11 months ago

Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Plan

ASCIP provides a portal for parents and community members to log into their website and view school and District plans. To view the plans visit the following website and use the login credentials provided for each school below.



Login: guestDAR520

p.w.: guestDAR520


High School:

Login: GuestS14823

p.w.: GuestS14823


Farmington Junior High:

Login: guestAR889

p.w.: guestAR889


Randall G. Lynch Middle School:

Login: guestSAR1557

p.w.: guestSAR1557


Folsom Elementary :

Login: guestSAR2191

p.w.: guestSAR2191


Williams Elementary:

Login: guestSAR1656

p.w.: guestSAR1656


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